Dry flowers
and plant compositions

Gardening Farm Samborscy

Wąwolnica, Poland

Gardening Farm Samborscy

Horticultural farm Gregory and Elizabeth Samborscy exists already more than 30 years. It specializes in the cultivation of plants for dry decoration.
Every spring in the buffer zone of the Kazimierz Landscape Park sown are different types of grasses, grains and other ornamental plants.

Grasses and cereals are harvested before ripening seeds from early summer to late autumn.

Most of the plants are harvested by hand and bundles.

After drying flowers are dyed or its natural color arranged in composition.

Depending on the season may be Christmas trees and Easter palms. The standing offer of sale are wreaths, sheaves, bouquets and dried flowers in bunches.


Grasses and cereals

Plant material and floral arrangements are sold in Poland, Germany, the UK and Lithuania.

Dry plants

Colorful plants

Plant compositions

Decorative plants have been our passion for over 30 years.

Grzegorz i Elżbieta Samborscy